appleseed scene files

Because mayaseed creates appleseed scene files it's useful to know a little bit about them. appleseed scene files are simple plain text XML documents with a .appleseed file extension that contain information about your render settings, objects transforms, links to external textures and geometry and a whole bunch more.

Some of the more important entities defined in the appleseed scene file are as follows:


The project element contains all information on the appleseed project, surprisingly.


The scene element contains all information about the 3D scene itself, lights, cameras, textures, geometry etc.

Inside the scene element you have, amongst other things, <assembly> and <assembly_instance> elements. Assemblies let you group and instantiate scene elements and can be thought of as a kind of group.


The output element contains info on the output format of your render, such as color space, resolution etc.


The configurations element contains the main parameters that affect how the renderer performs: sample count, lighting engine etc.

You can find a much more detailed overview of the appleseed scene file structure on the appleseedhq site.