Auto-translating materials

When mayaseed encounters a Maya Phong, Blinn, Lambert or SurfaceShader it will translate the material as best as possible. Knowing a little bit about how mayaseed will interpret the material can help a lot in getting the desired result.

Internally, mayaseed will convert the material into a temporary "generic material" in the following pattern:

Maya material                                 Generic material attribute
--------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Maya Phong.color ---|
Maya Blinn.color ---|------------------------ color
Maya Lambert.color -|

Maya Phong.transparency ---|
Maya Blinn.transparency ---|----------------- transparency
Maya Lambert.transparency -|

Maya SurfaceShader.outTransparency ---------- alpha

Maya Phong.incandescence ----|
Maya Blinn.incandescence ----|--------------- incandescence
Maya Lambert.incandescence --|
Maya SurfaceShader.outColor -|

Maya Phong.cosinePower ---------------------- glossiness

Maya Phong.reflectivity --------------------- reflectivity

Maya Phong.bump ----|
Maya Blinn.bump ----|------------------------ bump_map
Maya Lambert.bump --|

Maya Phong.bump_depth ----|
Maya Blinn.bump_depth ----|------------------ bump_multiplier
Maya Lambert.bump_depth --|

Maya Phong.refractiveIndex ------------------ refractive_index

Maya Phong.translucence ----|
Maya Blinn.translucence ----|---------------- translucence
Maya Lambert.translucence --|

Note: This interpretation may be modified by export modifiers such as ms_transparency_is_alpha, which will cause Maya material transparency to be interpreted as alpha rather than transparency.

Mayaseed will then translate these attributes to an appleseed material network that looks like this:

                                                        -- specular_btdf 
mayaseed_material.bsdf ---------------- brdf_blend_1 --|                  
                                                       |                   -- lambertian_brdf
                                                        -- brdf_blend_2 --|
                                                                           -- microfacet_brdf

mayaseed_material.edf  ---------------- diffuse_edf

mayaseed_material.surface_shader ------ physical_surface_shader / constant_surface_shader

Mayaseed will map the generic material attributes like this:

Generic material                  appleseed network
--------------------------------- --------------------

color --------------------------- lambertian_brdf.reflectance
alpha --------------------------- material.alpha_map
transparency -------------------- brdf_blend_1.weight
incandescence ------------------- diffuse_edf.radiance
glossiness ---------------------- microfacet_brdf.glossiness
reflectivity -------------------- brdf_blend_2.weight
bump_map ------------------------ material.displacement_map
bump_multiplier ----------------- material.bump_amplitude
refractive_index ---------------- (front_material) specular_btdf.from_ior (back_material) specular_btdf.to_ior


Below is a set of images I created to help when creating materials in Maya. Each image plots various attributes of a Maya Phong against another material attribute.

Reflectivity x Transparency

Transparency x Diffuse

Cosine x Reflectivity

ior x Diffuse