Code structure

Mayaseed is loaded as a standard module. See the installation instructions for more.

The mayaseed distribution consists of a few main parts: is a simple Maya ascii file containing a script node that loads and calls deals with creating and saving the mayaseed.module file to register the mayaseed module with Maya.

The plug-ins directory contains all the node definitions of the mayaseed nodes plus any compiled elements of the plug-in such as ms_export_obj_<maya_version>.

The scripts directory contains all the scripts and python modules that do the translating. The AETemplate.mel files for defining attribute editor layouts are also stored here.

The tools directory contains a few extra tools that may be useful plus the source code for the ms_export_obj_<maya_version> plugin.

Code entry point

After you load in the plug-in manager a few things happen. All the mayaseed custom nodes are registered with maya and is used to build the mayaseed menu.

Most of the user interaction with mayaseed is then done by creating nodes or adding attributes to scene elements.

Export is started be invoking's export() function and passing it the name of an ms_render_settings node.