What is mayaseed?

Mayaseed is a plugin for Maya that exports geometry, lights and materials from Maya to the fantastic appleseed renderer. Appleseed is an open source, physically based renderer built by Fran├žois Beaune. Find out more about appleseed here. Rather than being a built-in Maya renderer, mayaseed currently parses the Maya scene and outputs an appleseed scene file plus all the necessary textures and geometry for rendering in appleseed.studio or appleseed.cli.

Find out more about appleseed here.

mayaseed Licence

Like appleseed, mayaseed is released under the MIT licence, which means it is free to use and modify however you please.

Who makes mayaseed?

Mayaseed is mainly written by Jonathan Topf, a London based animation director with a particular affinity for lighting / rendering. You can see what he's up to here.